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Cricket Fairy


This little guy was caught by accident when he flew into this jar to have a conversation with a cricket. A really long conversation apparently because he’s been in there over twenty years and hasn’t noticed a thing. We don’t know how the cricket is still alive but can only assume the fairy’s magic is prolonging his life.

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Product Description

6.5″ tall

4″ wide

Tall, nice fairy taking to a cricket.

Every Pickled Pixie is bottled with the utmost care, in a bottle with an environment that best suits his/her needs. Opening any bottle is not recommended and Pickled Pixies can not be held responsible for any accident, injury, or curse that may occur if a fairy escapes for any reason.

Even the smallest of pickled pixies is a hand painted original painting on watercolor paper and are the original work of Manelle Oliphant. Each fairy is your own piece of original art and is unique. All images are copyrighted by Manelle Oliphant.


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