fairy meMy name is Manelle Oliphant and I’m the artist behind Pickled Pixies.

I don’t remember exactly where I got the idea except I know I love the way little glass jars feel when you hold them. I love looking at their bright colors when they are lined up on a shelf, and I know the name Pickled Pixie is funny. Most of all, I love and loathe the idea of having a captured fairy all to yourself.

Each Pickled Pixie is an original piece of art. Hand drawn and painted on watercolor paper by me. Every Pickled Pixie is one of a kind. Because each Pickled Pixie is an original piece of art it takes time to create them, and when they are sold they are gone for good.

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To see more of my art you can visit ManelleOliphant.com and talesfantastic.com.




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