How Pickled Pixies Were Canned 1898?

Here at Pickled Pixies we have a team of specially trained fairyologists who travel the world to carefully capture fairy specimens and bring them back to our canning facility where they are preserved.

Pickled fairies are preserved in a special solution of brine. The recipe of which has been perfected since Pickled Pixies was started by William H. Prexie in 1877.

Within a short amount of time, he grew from canning fairies in the workshop behind his home to running a large canning factory with many employees.

Since then Pickled Pixies has moved to a canning facility in the state of Utah near the Great Salt Lake.

Our Process

Fresh fairies are captured and canned in an environment carefully suited to their individual needs. Pickled fairies are preserved with the latest and most humane fairy bottling equipment.

Our Mission

We think of our mission as a noble and great one. Not only are we keeping the world safe from these malicious creatures who like to cause havoc, but we are bottling them in such a beautiful way that they can be of use in the common household.

We are proud of what we do here at Pickled Pixies and hope you enjoy our fantastic products in your home.